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Textile insert conveyor belt for chemicals, anti-static conveyor belt

antistatic chemical resistant conveyor belt
These types of conveyor belts we offer are made out of special formula, resistant to contact with chemicals and to other factors as well.

Chemically-resistant conveyor belt is made out of a special rubber compound, designed to withstand prolonged contact with certain chemicals. The conveyor belt is made with textile insert that also is resistant to contact with certain chemicals. Furthermore, the product has anti-static properties allowing long-term usage without generating sparks due to electrostatic loads that would otherwise be dangerous as certain chemicals might be flammable.

The conveyor belt for chemical products can be used within its general operating temperature range (-30 °C ... +70 °C) with a range of chemical substances such as acids in various concentrations and alkali. When ordering one of these products, we need to know from the customer exactly what kind of chemical substances will be transported and also the concentration plus range of operating temperatures, as the compound might be different depending on such end application requirements.

When manufacturing chemically-resistant conveyor belts, we use cover that is specially designed to mitigate the chemical aggressiveness of the bulk products being transported and protect the inner layers of the belt from cracking or layer separation. Furthermore before delivering the product we always make sure that the actual belt being delivered to our customers 100% matches the chemical resistance needed in field. Also, the products are resistant to aging, to outdoor conditions, wear and tear, ensuring long-time usage if correctly used within operating parameters.

The belts for chemical products are made out of a combination of polyester and/or nylon (polyamide) fabrics. Regarding standards, we manufacture chemical conveyor belt accordingly with DIN 22 102 standard (rubber covers C). No matter what your application is, we can offer an suitable product to you. When inquiring, please make sure you have all the information needed and some information about previously used belts in-field would be highly useful if possible, in order to identify the correct conveyor belt for you among the vast array of models we offer from our portfolio.

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