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Polyurethane conveyor belts - TPU conveyor belt

polyurethane conveyor belts tpu
Among our specialty conveyor belt models, our customers benefit from polyurethane-covered conveyor belts, namely thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) covered conveyor belts. These are special models that ensure a high resistance to abrasion.

The thermoplastic polyurethane TPU material is highly resistant to abrasion, significantly more than rubber. It is therefore an excellent solution for strengthening conveyor belt surface by applying a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane, that in turn will definitely increase the resistance of the conveyor belt against premature abrasion, wear and tear. These types of belts are heavily used in mining industries across the world, and the superiority of the materials in comparison with other solutions has been proven over time. In comparison with standard solutions, TPU polyurethane can extend the lifespan of conveyor belts by 20x or more.

When using thermoplastic polyurethane as protection layer, the conveyor belt receives the best characteristics deriving from the natural characteristics of the TPU material: Excellent abrasion resistance, great flexibility across a wide range of temperatures, highly elastic characteristic over the total hardness range. Furthermore, polyurethane ensures a good resistance to oils, greases and many other solvents, and excellent, improved resistance to weather and other environment exposure factors, greatly improving the lifespan of the conveyor belt and eliminating the need for plasticisers.

The TPU protection also improves the resistance against high energy radiation, and is regarded as a good protection against microbial attacks as well. One over another, a great solution for increasing not only the range of resistance features of the conveyor belt, but also to highly extend the belt's lifespan.

In our production, we use the TPU material "Desmopan" produced by Bayer Material Science AG. Our TPU-covered conveyor belts are used in temperatures ranging from -30°C ... +70°C, and can be manufactured accordingly with DIN 22 102/1-91 standards or based on customer's specifications.

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