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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts

oil resistant conveyor belt
We produce and export oil resistant conveyor belts, special models with increased resistance to oils. Whenever the belts are often in contact with oils and other petroleum-based substances, special oil-resistant conveyor belt models are required, to ensure the belt functions long-term, as it is known that oils and petroleum substances are aggressive in contact with rubber in general and conveyor belts in particular.

The oil resistant conveyor belts we manufacture are enforced with high-tensile resistance fabrics (insert layers), and are specially engineered for transportation of materials containing mineral oils, grease and other similar substances. Additionally, these belt models have a good resistance to abrasion and improved resistance to weather and outdoor conditions. These models are highly recommended when oil-treated materials are to be transported.

For these belt models, the case is made of nylon/polyester (EP), polyester/polyester (EE), nylon/nylon (PP) fabrics. Each type has different characteristics and the exact formula is chosen for our customers depending on each particular application. Upon getting client requirements, our engineers will generate a belt formula and we will provide the best offer for you, from both the technical and the financial standpoints.

When placing an inquiry about oil-resistant conveyor belts, please have the following information ready:

  • Type of oil used
  • Approximate oil content
  • Temperature range
  • Details regarding previously used belts.

With this information, our engineers will be able to create the best formula for your conveyor belt, in perfect match with your application, temperature and oil contact situation. Do not hesitate to contact us today, we have a friendly export team able to assist and provide the best offer in your particular case. Thank you!

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