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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts

heat resistant conveyor belt
Our heat resistant conveyor belts are special models, resistant to heat. Please note that flame resistance and heat resistance is not the same thing. While flame resistance ensures a given belt is resistant to flame for a given period of time, the heat resistance conveyor belts are different models, designed with special characteristics to ensure long resistance in transporting bulk material at high temperatures.

When transporting materials having temperatures greater than 60 ° C, it is no longer economical to use general purpose conveyor belts. The reason is, the temperature of the material will continuously heat and cool the conveyor belt, and due to this the rubber material will stiffen/soften, will develop cracks and there is also the risk of the ply layers being separated. In such circumstances, temperature-resistant conveyor belts are needed.

Our heat resistant conveyor belts are to be used in cases where the temperature of the materials being transported is higher than usual; for example hot ore, sintered ore, hot pellets, hot chemicals, hot fertilizers, hot clinker, hot cement and other high temperature bulk materials. The construction of the belts is different from general purpose models. The case is made of either nylon (poliamide) / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE), nylon / nylon (PP) fabrics, ensuring higher than usual resistance to temperature.

General characteristics of temperature resistant conveyor belts:

  • Materials being transported: Hot bulk materials, having > 60°C
  • Type 1: nylon / polyester (polyamide/polyester)
  • Type 2: polyester / polyester
  • Type 3: nylon / nylon (polyamide/polyamide)

Our friendly export team is here to help in choosing the right conveyor belt model for you, accordingly with the materials being transported, the max temperature and other factors. Please contact us today with the requirements for your conveyor belt inquiry, and our technical sales team is going to assist you with the best offer for your application. Contact us today!

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