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Food grade conveyor belts, suitable for food contact

antistatic chemical resistant conveyor belt
Our food grade conveyor belts are models of belts made out of a specific rubber compound mixed with other types of materials, in order to ensure food contact is permitted and does not affect the food products being transported by the belt.

These belts are designed to work typically within the -30°C ... +70°C working range, and would be suitable for contact with a large range of foods and similar products.

These products are widely used in lots of food production industrial fields and plants, such as: sugar refineries, sweets factories, agriculture, cereals transport and storage, canning factories, various grain industries, bakeries, chocolate factories and so on. The rubber compound is specially designed for transporting various cereals, fruits (either dried or in natural form), grains, nuts, fish, bread and bread products, tea, pharmaceutical products etc.

Please note that our products are manufactured accordingly with international standards for food contact. Having a lot of experience in this domain and many years of production behind, we can ensure a quality product and at an excellent price is being delivered to all our customers.

When placing an inquiry, please make sure you know the working temperature range of your application, the food products being transported and some additional information about previously used belt models if possible. Our team will work with you to identify the best product for your case and to supply an suitable model accordingly with your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

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