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Flame-Resistant Conveyor Belts, Anti-Static

flame resistant conveyor belt antistatic
Among our specialty rubber conveyor belts, we produce flame-resistant conveyor belts, with applications above the ground and underground.

These rubber conveyor belts are resistant to flame for a given time (typically 45 seconds, accordingly with tests). Furthermore, the belts also have anti-static capabilities that prevent accidental ignition from being caused through electrostatic charges. The product works in a wide range of ambient temperature range, including freezing conditions and summer extremely hot conditions as well.

These belts come with 3 or 4 textile inserts, type E250. Furthermore the resistance class values are 750 or 100, depending of the number of textile inserts. General width of the belt is between 800 and 1200 mm.

Additionally, the underground rubber conveyor belt models further pass tests for flame resistance in underground mine galleries, and resistance to drum friction, accordingly with the needs of running underground conveyor belts.

Our belts can be used in mines, in quarries, as supply belts for industrial loading and excavator loader, on construction sites and working sites, with heavy machinery in a wide range of industries, with cement plants, recycling systems and many other applications for transporting bulk material.

Technical characteristics of flame-resistant, anti-static rubber conveyor belts:

  • Type of textile insert: EP 250
  • Working temperature range: -30°C ... +70°C
  • Number of textile insertions: 3, 4 (two models)
  • Resistance class: 750, 100
  • Width: 80... 1200 mm
  • Thickness: 8...14 mm, 10-16 mm
  • Break resistance (N/mm) >750, >1000

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