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Conveyor Belts with Breaker

conveyor belt with breaker
We manufacture and export a wide range of conveyor belts made from rubber and other materials. One of the specialties is conveyor belts with breakers. These conveyor belts are to be used in special conditions, for unsorted raw materials in extreme functioning condition and with an increased resistance to impact.

Our conveyor belts with breakers are made out of nylon/polyester (EP), polyester/polyester (EE), nylon/nylon (PP) fabrics, for increased resistance to contact with lump materials. These belt models can be used in temperatures ranging from -25 °C ... +70 °C. The product is a specially engineered one, and the breaker material can be used as protection layer, and depending on the situation an increase of resistance to temperature, ripping, impact or strengthening of the material is intended. There are two types involved. For lateral belt strength increase, high elongation steel cords BF 125 RF are being used; while for lateral belt stiffness increase we use regular steel cords BF 125 RE, used as weft cords.

Both types above can use FLEXIMAT breakers, in variants with textile or conventional steel cord belting. We can apply one or two layers, above or below the resistance support layer. The rubber layers are manufactured accordingly with DIN 22 102/1-91 standards, or accordingly with customer specifications.

When you contact us with your inquiry, you benefit from the highest support: Friendly English-speaking export agents, highly experienced engineers ready to provide the best suitable belt models for you, customized orders as needed. Do not hesitate to contact us today with your inquiry, our team is ready to assist with the best possible offer in your case. Thank you!

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